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  1. Ibeji Archive is a unique database where are listed all the Ibeji, categorized by place of provenance, expertized by Fausto and Mauro Polo since Contains about high quality photo of single and pairs of Ibeji. An invaluable tool utilized by all collectors of Ibeji and available on the web free of charge.
  2. The Ibeji bring joy, vitality, prosperity, good health, and good fortune to their devotees and to homes in which they are honored. They may be invoked to protect all children. Parents of twins, triplets, or other multiple births may consider the Ibeji the guardian of their children and invoke them for all issues of health and protection.
  3. Anti wooden Ibeji Yoruba, Shango Ifa Itu Oduduwa Orisha Voodoo Doll, Camwood Osun Brown patina, black pigment, High 25 cm inch Lamaisonrafacia. From shop Lamaisonrafacia. out of 5 stars () reviews $ FREE shipping Favorite Add to.
  4. The previous Ibeji concepts I seen featured the ability to separate the twins and have them in two different lanes using their ult to swap between the two. I saw this as completely unfeasible. To lane against an opponent and a bot is totally unfair and the idea goes against Ibeji’s lore, which is that they must be together as a human.
  5. Yoruba Ibeji (Twin) Nigeria, Africa Early 20th c. In Yoruba culture and spirituality, twins are believed to be magical. If one twin should die, it represents bad fortune for the parents and the society to which they belong. The parents therefore commission a babalawo to carve a wooden Ibeji to represent the deceased twin, and the parents take.
  6. As Dr. Moyo Okediji notes, the completed ibeji figure is carved as an adult, rather than as the deceased infant, in a mythological form that depicts the concentrated calm of a Yoruba artist. When the carving of the Ere Ibeji is completed, the artist is given a feast and payment as determined by the giediesenhoupertcapondsmastiobuyliofril.coinfo date: Aug 03,
  7. Ibeji. The Ibeji are the sacred twins. Like the Marrassa of the Vodun pantheon and even the Gemini when dealing with astrology, they are both correlated to the Ibeji. The word Ibeji or Erin Ibeji (the actual statues), is composed of two words, “Ibi” and “eji”. “Ibi” means to be born and “eji” means two.
  8. Ere Ibeji (Ere ibeji - from ‘ ibi ’ = born and ‘ eji ’ = two; ' ere ' means sacred image) The Yoruba of Nigeria and of the Benin Republic are known for having an extraordinarily high rate of multiple births. The rate of twin births is one of the highest in the world, 45 of every 1, births (in the United States it .
  9. Ibeji Twin Children The Yoruba people of Nigeria look upon the birth of twins as a special blessing; they also have one of the highest rates of twin births in the world. Due to the high mortality rate among twins, Yoruba mothers are frequently faced with the death of a cherished child.

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