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8 thoughts on “ Asleep

  1. A drink before bed may make you fall asleep quickly, but you’ll wake up in the night as it wears off. And it doesn’t let you get to the deep or REM sleep stages. Caffeine.
  2. Asleep by Krystal Wade I was trying to describe Asleep to a coworker before I finished reading it. I told her it was a great story about a girl who is put into a mental institution by her parents, she either doesn’t know why or refuses to reveal why. I hadn’t decided where the title “Asleep” comes from/5.
  3. Asleep contains three short stories that all feature sleep (or the lack of it) in some way, and also carry similar themes of death/loss and love. Yoshimoto's writing has that familiar quality that I've noticed contemporary Japanese literature often has, a very minimal /5.
  4. asleep: 1 adj in a state of sleep “were all asleep when the phone rang” “fell asleep at the wheel” Synonyms: at rest in a state of repose or especially sleep dormant, hibernating, torpid in a condition of biological rest or suspended animation dozy, drowsing, drowsy half asleep fast asleep, sound asleep sleeping deeply hypnoid of or.
  5. Jun 07,  · Asleep 2 is AWESOME!!!!! I hope gizmo help us!?! My favourite is ALL!!!!! I need more maps:(Anyways. I LOVE ASLEEP 1 AND ASLEEP 2 ITS SOOO AWESOME. its Dream World. You Dream and NIGHTMARES!!!!!. So awesome. If someone make more asleeps hehehe. if i go to bed in minecraft asleep it CRASHED ME!!!. Then i see gizmo IT LAG ME!!!!!.
  6. a·sleep (ə-slēp′) adj. 1. In a state of sleep; sleeping. 2. a. Inactive; dormant. b. Indifferent: politicians who are asleep to the needs of their constituents. 3. Numb, especially from reduced circulation of blood to a limb: My leg is asleep. 4. Dead. adv. 1. In or into a state of sleep. 2. In or into a state of apathy or indifference. 3. Into a.

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